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Thalassa is a French expressionist painter living in Paris.

She was born in 1936, and never stopped painting since 4 years old... After she worked a few years
as a graphic designer at the Dysneys studios, she seriously learned painting in the Yve Brayer's
workshop at the parisian academy "les Beaux Arts", mastering a very large palette of technics, from silk
to oil paint, from acrylic to waterpaints, then teached graphic arts in art-therapy groups in the 70's.

She is actually an official copist at Le Louvre Museum, copying artworks of "la Renaissance" masters
(Vermeer de Delft, Quentin Metsys, Raphael, Murillo) or of impressionists.

She performs her own lanscapes, portraits, still life compositions, and underwater landscapes inspirate her onirism...

Though she can perform exact copies of classic paints, she sometimes mimics their compositions in a more
parodic way, with a free inspiration...


Contact :

Thalassa Leuregans,
21, rue Alphonse Bertillon
75015 Paris France

Phone :

01 45 32 02 53




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