Jugement de l'hexagramme N 18 :





Kou, affaires ; parfaite liberté ; avantage à traverser un grand cours d'eau ; trois jours avant le commencement ; trois jours après le commencement.

  Ku indicates great progress and success (to him who deals properly with the condition represented by it). There will be advantage in (efforts like that of) crossing the great stream. (He should weigh well, however, the events of) three days before the turning point, and those (to be done) three days after it.


Image de l'hexagramme N 18 :





Le commentaire de la formule symbolique dit : en bas de la montagne il y a du vent ; trouble. L'homme doué donne l'impulsion au peuple et nourrit sa vertu.

  (The trigram for) a mountain, and below it that for wind, form Ku. The superior man, in accordance with this, (addresses himself to) help the people and nourish his own virtue.



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