The Geomance Editions Divination Collection (ShareIt#300276845)




"Le Miroir Magique de Jean de Meung".

Cost :  10 Euros.

translation for the English version of the program, that is also declinated in a French version with another XIXth c. translation (by PLF Philastre). The executable (« yiking.exe ») runs in

a DOS window (inside Microsoft Windows), is menu-keyboard controlled (no mouse), and offers a yarrows-stalks or coins throwing simulation, with the readings of the divinatory interpre-

tation of the I Ching, a bit of Chinese etymology for the names of the trigrams and hexagrams, details the first hexagram, its former sky derivation, then the second one derivated by mutation, etc.

Note : the limited version demo for this program is the full French « Ricci » version (free) !

became so famous that it was even translated in English (probably in versified Middle-English I guess...). The text was ascribed to the XIIIth c. French poet Jean de Meung but is certainly

apocryphal, because it was writen in old French with some words that do not occur before the XVIth, so it should have been rewriten from a possible lost manuscript by Jean deMeung...

The original text comes versified, and I made a translation in modern French octosyllabs, adaptating it as an electronic playable game by just using some DHTML code that runs offline

from your computer with your usual javascript enabled browser.

Note : An older playable version does exist but is only playable online from my website and this new one version has a better ergonomy to play the game : please check the limited version demo (with only the questions and answers for the first house) !

I also made a playing cards version for that divinatory game.

Note : this version is a printable PDF file : you may see its online demo at Google-Books !

Paris, October 12, 2008.

Jean-Pierre Mouls,

Geomance Editions